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Lake Ozark Speedway Pre-Registration & Rules Meeting set for February 3rd!

Lake Ozark Speedway Drivers we will be having a Pre-Registration / Rules Meeting on February 3rd at the Eldon Community Center. This meeting will allow you to discuss the 2018 Rules with our Technical Staff to make sure we have everything covered with all the new classes. We also want to Pre-Register each driver and get all the information about you and your sponsors. This information will be used to create a race night program for the fans. The program will have a picture of… the driver standing next to the car and a list of driver accomplishments and sponsors of the car. Four drivers per page so it is critical we get your information at this meeting. The pre-registration fee will be $35 this year to help cover the costs of the program. If you cannot make the meeting we will put the form on the website and you can fill it out and send it in.

On the rules for 2018 there are a few changes for the LM and B-Mods but we want to make sure the LOS Racesaver Sprints (305), Pure Stocks and Hornets are covered at this meeting. Jerry has added two new Tech’s to the LOS Staff in Tony Ratliff and James Eravi they will be on hand to discuss those rules with you. This will be the biggest change from 2017 we will be following the track rules at all times. Jerry, Tony and James will be making the final decisions on your compliance each race night. Random inspections will be done nightly in each class. Competition is what makes racing so exciting and this year we want to make sure everyone is on a level playing field. Look forward to seeing you on February the 3rd in Eldon Mo. Location is 309 East 2nd Street and starts at 4:00 PM.
Thanks LOS Staff

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