These rules are in effect as of April 1st, 2017.

Conduct: Racers and Race Team Members at the LAKE OZARK SPEEDWAY will maintain an appropriate and professional personal code of conduct at all times. Actions on or off the track deemed by officials to be detrimental to the sport or speedway will be dealt with severely. Consequences for fighting, cheating or other actions deemed inappropriate may include: fines, probation, suspension, deduction of points or any combination of the above. LAKE OZARK SPEEDWAY reserves the right to alter or amend the rules and regulations in the interest of safety, cost control, and/or fair competition. It is the responsibility of each competitor to read and understand the contents of these rules. If there is a disagreement or dispute regarding the meaning or application of these rules, the decision of the LAKE OZARK SPEEDWAY officials shall prevail. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of LAKE OZARK SPEEDWAY racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No pretense is made for having designed a foolproof set of rules and regulations. The spirit and intent of the rules is the standard by which LAKE OZARK SPEEDWAY events will be governed. The LAKE OZARK SPEEDWAY official can and will disqualify a racecar in violation of the spirit and intent of these rules. If this rulebook does not specifically state that you can alter, change, or otherwise modify something on your car, you should consider it a violation of these rules. No part is deemed to have been approved by LAKE OZARK SPEEDWAY by passing through prior technical inspections. The LAKE OZARK Speedway official shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of said official. His/her decision is final. These rules are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official. All participants, guest and crew members fully understand that racing is inherently dangerous and that they are exposed to risks of death or serious bodily injury. The participants, guest and crew members voluntarily assume these risks.



All drivers must have a SFI Certified full flame retardant fire suit, neck brace, gloves, and shoes. Helmet must be certified Snell SA2005, SA2010, or SA2015 Standard or SFI Spec 31.1am 31.1/2005 or 31.1/2010. Seat belts must be SFI approved. Driver restraint systems must be no more than two (2) years past the manufacturer’s date.

Numbers must be legible to the score tower. Any combination of numbers and letters that are deemed offensive by the management will not be allowed.

All cars must pass a safety technical inspection before being allowed to compete in any race. Track officials reserve the right to inspect any car at any time for any reason of safety violations. Track officials reserve the right to disqualify any driver or car from competition.

All drivers and/or crew will be responsible to tear down their car for inspection when requested by a track official. Failure to comply will result in disqualification and forfeiture of prize money and points for that night.

Track will not be responsible for any damage to any car that has to be lifted by wrecker to remove them from racing surface of loading of damaged cars onto trailers.

No intentional draining of oil, water, anti-freeze, and or gear greased on the speedway property. Waste items must be placed in receptacles provided at the track or taken off premises with you. Old tires must also be removed from the premises.

AGE REQUIREMENTS: You must be at least 14 years of age to compete in any racing events held at the speedway. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license (or a release from the management) to participate in any racing event. Persons under 18 years of age are required to have written permission signed by parent or legal guardian before they are allowed in the pit area. They must also complete and sign a membership agreement before entering the pit area.


Drivers shall be responsible for the conduct and actions of the entire pit crew. The driver shall be the sole spokesperson for car owner. No one other than the driver will be allowed to take part in any arbitration with officials on any matter. Any violation will result in disqualification and loss of all points for the night and possible suspension. The decision of the track officials is final. No exceptions.

Unsportsmanlike conduct and/or verbal assault may result in suspension. Any driver, crew member, owner or associate of a race team that uses profane language or gestures of profanity to any track official will be disqualified for the night, loss of points, and suspended from race facility for a period to be determined by the track officials. No exception for anyone. Absolutely no fighting allowed on or around track premises. Legal action may be taken. There will be an automatic 2-week suspension for anyone who physically or verbally abuses any driver, crew member, track official or race fan. Absolutely no driver, crew member or anyone associated with your race team is allowed to enter into another race team’s pit area to engage in a verbal or physical dispute. Penalty is 2 weeks’ suspension and loss of all season points and winnings for the night. The driver and all involved are subject to this penalty and suspension.

Rough driving may, at the discretion of the track officials, result in suspension based on the severity of the incident. Any driver who retaliates on or off the track will be disqualified and 2-week suspension will be issued.

Any driver intentionally using his/her vehicle in a malicious manner will result in a minimum two-week suspension at the discretion of the officials

All drivers, owners, mechanic’s or pit crew assume full responsibility for any and all injuries sustained including death or property damage during anytime they are on the track premises or in route to and from the track facility. All disputes developing as a result of track rules must be settled at the track. The decisions of the track officials are final without exception.


Both transponders and raceceivers are required to race at Lake Ozark Speedway. Transponders are provided by the track and will be assigned to each car at sign in. Raceceivers  provided by the driver.


Drivers meeting

Drivers meeting will be announced 30 minutes prior. It shall be the responsibility of all drivers to attend the drivers meeting. Any rule, format, or schedule change will be discussed at the drivers meeting. All drivers will be responsible for information discussed at the drivers meeting.

Posted information All pertinent information such as hot lap order, race order, and race lineups will be posted at the lineup board.

Original starts Original starts will be made on the front stretch just off of turn four. An orange cone will be placed at the edge of the track or white line will be drawn in the location where drivers will be allowed to start the race. The flagman will display the green flag and turn on the green light at that time. If the officials determine that the start was unfair, or “jumped”, the yellow light will be turned on, and the yellow flag will be displayed when cars enter back stretch. Drivers may be penalized for attempting to gain an unfair advantage on a start by “jumping” or “brake checking”. Penalties may include lost positions, restarts from the rear, or disqualification from the race through a black flag. Any driver involved in a caution, or deemed to have caused a caution on an original start, will restart from the rear of the field. No exceptions.

Re-starts Re-starts will occur on the front stretch just off of turn four. The orange cone will be placed at the edge of the track or a white line will be drawn in the location where drivers will be allowed to re-start the race. The flagman will turn on the green light, and the green flag will be displayed. As in an original start, if the officials determine the start was un-fair then the same procedures will be followed as in the original start and the same penalties will apply. Any driver involved in the caution, or deemed to have caused the caution will restart from the rear of the field. No exceptions.


All cars are to get single file when caution comes out. Do not drive side by side. Any driver not getting inline before one lap of caution is complete will be sent to the rear of field. Any driver not allowing another driver to get inline will be sent to the rear of the field. Any driver having to be told more than once to get inline will receive the black flag and sent to the pits.

Backup car / driver exchange

No driver will be allowed to use a backup car once he/she qualifies through heat races.

Driver can exchange car only if his/her car is not operational, exchanged car must have qualified through heat races. Driver must report car exchange to track official before features start and show proof his/her car is not operational. Points will be awarded to driver. Driver who exchanges car will drop to back of feature or B-feature if ran.

Lap Counts

Caution laps do not count

In case of a caution flag, all cars will be scored by the order they crossed the finish line on the previous completed lap with cars causing the yellow or red to be scored at the rear of the appropriate lap. A race will be called a completed race after the leader crosses the start/finish line and receives the checkered flag. Lap cars on white flag lap cannot make up a lap or those involved in last lap incident.

Feature Event

If the yellow or red flag is displayed during a feature event before the leader crosses the start/finish line, the race will be re-aligned and revert back one lap. If the yellow or red flag is displayed during the race after the leader takes the white flag, cars will be re-aligned, then there will be two more laps run (green/white/checkered).

Feature time limits

Each class will be given a feature time limit of 25 minutes. If the Race Director feels the time will exceed the allowed time limit due to several cautions before the full feature is complete than the race will be shortened by the Race Director.

During qualifying events (heat races)

If a yellow or red flag is displayed during the race after the leader takes the white flag, cars will be re-aligned, then there will be one more lap run (green/white than checker)


Any car involved in an accident that causes a yellow flag will go to the rear. Any car losing forward motion during a race or yellow flag will go to the rear.

Exception will be only if directed by a race official or if a safety issue is at risk. Any car causing a yellow flag to be thrown to stop the race to keep from losing position will go to the rear and be one lap down on restart.

Any car loosing forward motion or causing a caution 2 times in the same race will be sent to the pits.

No car will be allowed to return to the track in the heat race once it enters the pits. During the feature a car will be allowed to only enter the Hot Pits and return to the track at a time to be determined by the track officials. Any car that goes to his pits during a feature will not be allowed to re-enter the track.

Any driver exiting his car on the race track during a race for any reason is automatically disqualified from the race and all winnings and points will be lost. (Exception: if a track official directs you to exit or you are in immediate danger for your life or serious injury).

Drivers are not allowed to exit their car on the racing track or apron to dispute or discuss any race situation. Violation of this is automatic disqualification from the event with loss of all points and prize winnings during the feature. Any other time will result in disqualification for the night or balance of events with no pay or refunds. If a driver refuses a technical inspection after a race the car/driver will be disqualified and no points or pay will be awarded for night. Technical inspections are to be done at the track only. No exceptions for any reason. (This includes tear downs) Any driver, or any person connected to his car caught in the possession of illegal drugs or substances that are deemed illegal under Missouri law, or under the influence of alcohol, will be suspended from the track for an indefinite period of time to be determined by the Competition Director. Officials and Race Director will resolve any disagreement over technical questions or operations. When their decisions are rendered, such decision is final and binding. Race Director will decide the length and time limit on all racing events. Race Director will act upon any situation not specifically covered by these rules and procedures set forth herein and management reserves the right to make changes, additions and/or deletion of these rules deemed necessary to allow for a more competitive program for racers and spectators.

Flags Green: Start of all races, clear track, and race for position. Yellow: Slow down, there is an obstruction on the track, do not try to better your position, laps do not count. All cars get single file, (Do not drive side by side; you will be aligned again per score tower. Failure to do so will result in driver receiving the black and not being scored any further. Red: Come to a complete stop as quickly and safely as possible. Once stopped do not move your car until directed to by track official. Black: A.) Please note: There is a distinct difference between being given the Black Flag and being Disqualified. B.) Black Flag – means that you have been sent to the Pits and will take no further part in the current race, whether it is a Heat, Last Chance or Feature. Your car will not be scored from the Black Flag time onwards. C.) Disqualified – means that you will not be allowed to take any further part in the competition from that point on. No Points or Prize Money will be awarded in the event of a Disqualification whenever it occurs during a particular event. White: One lap to go.

Blue/yellow: Faster car approaching. Hold your line. You will be instructed which direction to move (high or low) by the flagman. Checkered: The race is complete. Exit the track as quickly and safely as possible. No parade laps, unless directed by official.



May only carry as many passengers as there are seats. NO passengers on racks, handlebars, etc. NO standing on the back or side of vehicle. Must be Licensed Driver, 16 years or older. Maximum Speed is 7mph, speed of a moderate to fast walk. Failure to comply with these rules can and will result in loss of privilege to operate these vehicles.

PIT AND MISCELLANEOUS RULES: No drinking of alcohol allowed in pits at any time before or during the races. No glass containers of any nature allowed. All vehicles and trailers are subject to search by track security at any time. Illegal parts, discovered during technical inspection, may be retained by track. Track pit speed limit is maximum 7 mph. No exceptions. Speeding in the pit area can be cause for disqualification and loss of points and money for that event. No pit crew members allowed on the track or staging lane to work on car for any reason. Repairs may be made in the “Hot Pit Area” off of turn four. You will be allowed to return to the racing surface at the track official’s digression.

In case of rain out after heat race the features will be run over the following weeks as determined by management. All special classes not covered by these rules will be run according to their own established rules or will be governed by rules established at a later date. These rules are designed to make the races safer for you but are in no way to be considered a guarantee of your safety. Other rules may be required later and will be posted in the pit area for your inspection. Report all injuries to the pit office. There is a form that both the individual and promoter must complete.

Competition Director of the speedway reserves the right to modify these rules as they deem necessary for any and all reasons. All changes will be posted at pit office for your review and compliance to them.

Special races may have a variance to these rules. Any and all interpretations of these rules are left to the track officials. Decisions of the track officials are final.

Repeated violations of speedway rules may result in permanent suspension.

The speedway retains the right to refuse entry to any car, driver, or pit crew.

Thank you for choosing to participate in the racing program at our speedway. The staff and management are here to assist you so please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Our goal is to present a show that is both fair to all race teams and entertaining to our fans. It is also our intention to move the racing in a timely manner so be ready when your turn comes to race, as we will not delay the race for you. Thanks again for attending and good luck to all.